5 Interesting Sustainable Brands to Support This Spring  

Fast fashion, toxic skincare, and processed foods are avenues we should all try to avoid. With more and more ethically emerging brands, our society is slowly but surely evolving and we are seeing words like sustainable, ethical, and clean dominate various industries.

At SHOWFIELDS, one of our biggest missions is about sustainability and ethically made brands. Although there's a strong buzz around following trends, going green is a lifestyle change and we want to give you a head start.

Since this season is all about new beginnings, what better way to go green than by springing into ethically made products? Here is a list of very diverse, eco-friendly brands that will help you clear your palette, start fresh, and add the word sustainable to your daily routine. 


Based in New Orleans, this clean beauty brand is giving plant to body a whole new meaning. Becoming a cult classic for all skincare gurus, Oxalis Apothecary gained its popularity due to the brand's natural approach to nourishing your body. All of the products are 100% natural, filled with premium plant-based oils, herbs and minerals, and ethically sourced ingredients. What do you say? Let's give your skincare regimen a detox & add Oxalis Apothecary to your daily routine. Learn more about the brand's products here

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CBD products have been dominating many industries and this one-of-a-kind coffee brand took CBD and sustainability to the next level. Known as "the feel-good coffee," Jibby combines the art of organic coffee and hemp derived cannabidiol to create the perfect steady fuel for productivity. Using exactly 25mg of CBD, organic Columbian coffee, and sustainable roasting practices- Jibby re-defined the process of cold brew coffee, making your daily caffeine intake oh so good. Read more about Jibby's mission here.

Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Clothes, Eco Friendly Fashion, Sustainable Fashion Brands, Fashion Membership


FEW MODA is a membership-based platform that is revolutionizing the world of retail. How does it work? By cutting out the middle-man and ridiculous markups, you can enjoy wholesale prices on even the most elevated fashion pieces. This game-changing brand is also known for its high standards and sustainability mantra. From craftsmanship to the manufacturing process- including design, fabric selection, and sourcing- FEW MODA is always in control and continues to take the fashion industry by storm. Shop some of our favorite pieces here.

Organic Protein Powder, Clean Eating, Plant-Based, Sustainable Vitamins


Never anything artificial is Ora Organics' core belief. With a plant-based line of vitamins and organic ingredients, this brand is on a mission to replace synthetic supplements with sustainable nutrition. Ora only uses organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based ingredients that fit your lifestyle. What are you waiting for? It's time to go Ora & indulge in environmentally friendly nutrition with surprisingly good taste. Discover more of Ora Organic's collection here

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Go trash-free this season with Re-Zip. These freezer bags are not only easy to clean and ensure a tight seal, but they're also made with FDA-approved PEVA material (lead-free). Say goodbye to Ziplock and say hello to 0 waste, Re-zip reusable baggies. You will be doing yourself and our planet a favor... It doesn't get better than that. Read more about Re-zip here