10 Epic Beauty Brands To Keep on Your Radar 2022

In the past year, the beauty industry explored an epic amount of trends—from metallic eyeshadow and eccentric colors, we witnessed it all. Since the new year is finally upon us, new trends are also making appearances and 2022 is saying goodbye glitter, hello glow.  

Clean—healthy skin and wellness are becoming new mantras for emerging brands this year and SHOWFIELDS wants to give you a head start. Keep reading to discover a very interesting beauty guide featuring 10 brands that encompass this 2022 beauty trend like no other. Glow on.  

Alexandria Professional 

Alexandria Professional is putting the care back in skincare. Give your skin the treatment it deserves with products from this female-founded, cruelty-free, and mission-based brand. By dedicating research to healthy solutions for the beauty and wellness industry, Alexandria Professional created a range of products to become the go-to remedy for all skin types. Shop our favorite from the collection, Salt Smoothie® Body Scrub. This unique scrub is filled with natural oils and added skin benefits from SaltSpring sea salt mixed with the hydrating Restore lotion. Your skin will never stop glowing with Alexandria Professional. The emerging brand also advocates to end violence against women and children—read more about the company’s mantra and shop the collection here


Introducing whind, a brand that focuses on indulging in life by creating products that emulate an experience and not a routine. whind has a range of potent skincare, inspired by the beauty of Morocco and powered by science for skin so your glow never ends. The brand has a mission to bring a different perspective of beauty and spotlight other like-minded makers of beauty. Supporting the glowing theme in 2022, discover the unique blend of Glycerin, Vitamin E, Argan, and Botanical Oils of the Kasbah Moonlight cream to oil nightly mask. This one-of-a-kind cream is packed with antioxidants to mirror the skin's sleep regeneration cycle. Yup, your skin will thank you. Discover more products from the whind collection here


Prepping for a night out just got easier (and fun!). SDARA skincare is an emerging brand that incorporates ancient practices and modern science into each product. From derma-rollers and serums to lymphatic drainage tools—this collection of skincare will elevate your daily routine. Inspired by Asian beauty traditions, the SDARA Gua Sha stone and Jade Roller set will become a necessity for your skin. The ultra-smooth pure Jade Roller and Gua Sha Scraper can be gently rolled on your face to loosen tense muscles by massaging your skin and creating the perfect base for the rest of your skincare routine. Discover more from the SDARA skincare collection here.

Just B

Celebrating brown tones and feeling comfortable in your skin is the main focus of this female-founded brand. Just B creates high-performing, customizable, and eco-conscious lip products that celebrate the beauty of brown skin, inspire creativity and evoke emotion. Eliminating the phrase, “oh! this color doesn't work for my skin because of my skin,” Just B has a collection of lip colors to help you feel beautiful and at ease in your own skin. Just “BE” you with the gorgeous Not Just Champagne lip gloss made with a spectrum of colors that can be used as a standalone color and a standalone texture. Just B wants to give you the power to choose how you wear the lip products—the power is within YOU. Read more about the brand's mission and shop the collection of epic lip colors here


Help others while treating your skin with Rozuri. Discover this highly emerging female-founded brand that aims to support your skin goals with pure, natural ingredients. Rozuri’s mission doesn’t stop there, the brand also supports the community by donating $1 for every bottle sold to various charities supporting women and children in Africa. Rozuri products are made to connect you to the source of the raw material and the ethically-conscious consumer, giving you an experience like no other. The Anti-Aging Super Oil by Rozuri is an all-natural cold-pressed super oil blended for women of all ages and skin types. The oil seamlessly absorbs into your skin and immediately goes to work by softening the look of fine lines, tackling dullness, and restoring balance while renewing lost skin moisture. Shop the natural oil while discovering more about Rozuri here


Carbonnique is skincare reimagined. The vegan brand aims to take your routine to another level with face and neck massage tools made with a unique combination of walnut wood and biocompatible ceramic. Carbonnique believes what you do to your skin is just as important as applying product to your skin. Daily movements like yoga flows, lymphatic massage, and even meditation are key to unlocking an effortlessly radiant glow from the inside out. Carbonnique’s face and neck tools are made to speed up circulation and bring more oxygen to the tissue, resulting in brighter, healthier skin! Your 2022 skincare will be unmatched! Shop the product here

Daily Concepts 

Skin-care seems to dominate most trends but don't forget, your hair deserves the same glow as your skin! Introducing Daily Concepts, a luxury bath and beauty brand made for anyone who loves to sing in the shower! Daily Concepts’ mission is to turn every bath or shower into a therapeutic experience by delivering products that’ll add spark to your routine. Shower the world and yourself with love with the Daily Shampoo Bar. The plant-based shampoo bar has everything you need for clean beautiful hair, with NO PLASTIC. Read more about Daily Concept’s mission and discover the range of bath products here


Faceé is an emerging female-founded skincare brand that focuses on ancient techniques and creating products to help people feel and look their best. The brand pushes for moments that illuminate good vibes. Whether it's getting playful or adding to your skincare regimen, Faceé's mantra is to do what makes your soul feel good. The Ice Globe Blue is perfect for days when you want to relax or treat yourself after a long night out. These ice globes will do wonders for your skin and are also incredibly beneficial for it too. Enjoy tighter skin, even skin tone, decreased puffiness, and more with the Faceé Ice Globes; the product is also available in purple and pink. Discover more of our favorite products from the skincare line here.


Revolutionizing skincare, one supplement at a time—this is Layers. Focusing on bringing your best skin to the surface, Layers is a female-founded brand that creates skincare by matching potent probiotic supplements with clinically-effective skincare to reveal a glow you never dreamed possible. Their motto is simple—feel good inside, feel-good outside. The Daily Glow Supplement by Layers is truly a one-of-a-kind remedy for those looking to give their skin a little more love. Layers dual-action supplements are clinically shown to reveal healthier-looking skin from the inside out. The results are visible in 15 days with a guarantee of increased hydration, smoothness, and elasticity. The supplements aid digestion by fueling your gut-skin connection. Layers create vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO products bringing your self-care routine to another level of cleanliness. Shop the collection of skin aid and read more about Layers here.


Looking to help your skin and our planet? Meet BABOR; a brand that focuses on clean beauty and eco-friendly practices. Each BABOR product is made with minimal environmental impact. The brand’s mission is to include carbon-neutral production powered exclusively by green energy, a 30% reduction in the use of plastics by 2023, and reforestation projects. Preparing for a holiday party? Well, the BABOR Cleanformance Renewal Overnight Mask will take your beauty sleep to the next level. The rich cream mask supports your skin’s rejuvenation process and strengthens the skin barrier to plump and nourish skin while you sleep. Read more about BABOR and discover our favorite products from the collection here.