January 31, 2023
Interview With Face it, Boo Founder: Monique Curtis
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January 31, 2023
Interview With Tier Founder: Nigeria Ealey
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January 20, 2023
Aquarius Season Gift Guide - 2023
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January 12, 2023
Chinese New Year Zodiac 2023
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January 03, 2023
Interview with JoAnna Hartzmark, Founder & CEO of Revelle
What excites you most about your Showfields activation? JH: This is Revelle’s first ever in-person experience! As an online-exclusive brand, we don’t always get a chance to connect with our customers on an intimate, face-to-face level. Showfields is giving us the opportunity to do this for the first time and I couldn’t be more grateful. Revelle is all about helping women feel more confident and at home in their bodies, so having this chance to showcase our mission to a new audience in a new way is so valuable. I love seeing how women are loving our space and using it to show off their own beauty and joy — keep tagging us in your pics ladies! What inspires you? JH: My incredible team at Revelle inspires me each and every day with their creativity, their drive, and their poise while working to build something completely new that’s never been done before. Our north star is our mission to help women find clothes that make them feel beautiful in their bodies when they get dressed every morning, and there is no way I could have made it this far without the support of the amazing women who bring Revelle to life. Starting a company can be a lonely endeavor, but having a team of women (even a small one!) who are as passionate and motivated as I am to create something that will change the game for women everywhere is what keeps me going every day. How would others describe you? JH: I hate to put words in others’ mouths, but I’ll venture a guess that people would describe me as an intense, driven individual who is deliberate about her choices and loves change. In fact, my mother often describes me (lovingly, I think…) as a “change junkie” because I love new adventures so much. And while seeking out new experiences certainly means I spread myself thin from time to time, I hope that my close friends would also describe me as a thoughtful and generous person who tries to make sure those who mean the most to her always know how much they’re loved. What do you do in your free time? JH: Although free time can sometimes be limited as a startup founder, I’m incredibly passionate about the performing arts and live music in general. Living in NYC, I find it’s one of the cornerstones of the city that makes it so unique, so I try to support and attend as many live performances as I can — whether they be Broadway shows, rock concerts, or a night at the Philharmonic. I’m also an avid reader who eschews business books, instead opting to read purely for pleasure. I’m a firm believer that reading anything broadens the mind, so I refuse to feel guilty about the pleasure I get from reading an exciting murder mystery or nail-biting crime thriller. What do you believe is your superpower? JH: My propensity towards change means that I’m often required to make quick decisions to ensure I can keep moving forward — whether that be in business or in life. My comfort in making decisions with potentially incomplete information has quickly turned into my superpower as I build Revelle. There is rarely a perfect conclusion or a “right” next step, and I believe my acceptance of that fact has served me immeasurably as a business leader. I believe that the enemy of progress is stagnation, and I strive to keep both my life and my work in a state of constant evolution, as thoughtfully as possible. What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career? JH: When I first began considering starting a company, I sought out a few close friends who had done so themselves to get their input and advice. One very close friend gave me the feedback: “If you’re asking me whether or not you should start a company then my answer is no. If you were really confident that you could do it you wouldn’t need to ask me.” This comment has stuck with me throughout the many twists and turns of my entrepreneurial journey. As important as it is to seek expert opinions, listen to your peers, and learn from those around you, the truth is that the only person who truly knows what you’re capable of and understands your idea is you. I work hard to ensure that while curious about what others are doing, I never want to become reactive to my external environment to the detriment of what I know to be true about myself and my own company. Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it? JH: Unfortunately, burnout is a near constant state for many startup founders, and I wish I could say I’d found the answer to combat this stereotype myself. While I haven’t found the magic pill, however, I do find that there are a few actions I can take that help me immensely. First and foremost, tell someone — one thing I’ve noticed about burnout is that it often feels isolating, so the simple act of telling someone often relieves some of the pressure because you realize that it’s something that we all experience. Furthermore, in the context of building a business, it’s helpful to let my team know when I’m experiencing burnout so that they are aware and can give me some extra grace, and even more importantly understand that I will give them that same grace in return if they ever find themselves feeling similarly. Second, I work to find breaks within my life that can be true resets. As a business owner it’s often easy to fall back on being in charge as an excuse to not take a break, but being in charge also means putting yourself in the best position to be a good leader, so sometimes that means I need to unplug. The simple act of putting my phone on Do Not Disturb on Sunday mornings so that I can read the newspaper uninterrupted has made a huge impact on my mental health — it’s a few hours each week that I know I can spend entirely by myself. Finding small pockets like this to listen only to what you need can have massive benefits in the long run, and feel more achievable than taking a vacation or a more significant time away. What motivated you to start your company? JH: I found myself looking for companies in the tech space that were trying to add value to the lives of everyday women, and the list I came up with was far shorter than I expected. Not to mention when I tried to identify which of these companies were led by women, the list nearly evaporated. I thought about all of the extra, invisible burdens that are placed on women’s shoulders — not just childcare or the pink tax, but how much harder it is for us to navigate certain areas of society because we’re simply not welcome. The ridiculous inconsistencies of clothing sizing is just one tiny burden that we as women are expected to deal with every day and say nothing about, and it’s a burden that I felt uniquely positioned to ease for women everywhere. At the end of the day, that’s what I hope Revelle can do: add value and relieve burdens from women every day by making one central part of their lives easier. Namely, find clothes that actually fit.
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ALV JewelsEast Sound LaneGlow Filter SPF50Greek Herb & Lemon Olive OilHibiscus Beauty Body OilIndoor & Outdoor Allergy TestKarstKosterinaMedhaNectarOIA BRACELETSSoftcover Notebook A5Sunny SkinVeronica TharmalingamZodiac Hair Perfume Serum 2oz 60mlZodica Perfumery
December 21, 2022
Capricorn Season Gift Guide 2022

As the holidays get closer, so does Capricorn season! You might be wondering: "What do I get the Capricorn in my life?" The answer is simple: the right gift. The right gift will show them how much you care and will help you gain a place on their list of favorite people. It may even give you access to their heart (if they haven't already stolen yours).

Showfields has put together a list of gifts that are sure to please any Capricorn this holiday season, so you can stop stressing about what to buy for your loved one and start focusing on spending quality time with them instead!


Zodica's Capricorn Zodiac Hair Perfume Serum adds shine and scent that lasts all day. Inspired by the natural beauty of the earth, the Zodiac line is made with organic ingredients 100% argan oil to nourish your hair while adding a touch of magic. The serum uses your birth sign as inspiration for an original scent that's as unique as the person wearing it. Grab one for your Capricorn bestie asap!


Capricorns have a lot to do and don't have time to waste. They're always running from one thing to the next, so help them feel like their best selves with Nectar's Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test, testing for 30 indoor and outdoor allergies. They'll thank you times a million when can cancel that doctor's appointment they're always canceling anyway!


If anyone is looking for their perfect staple jewlery, it’s a Capricorn. Look no further than the Oia Bracelets by ALV Jewels. These beauties are made with freshwater pearls and 14k gold-filled beads, so you can wear them anywhere and they'll stay looking gorgeous! They're also water resistant, so they won't tarnish or fade if they get wet.

The OIA Bracelets are great gifts for Capricorn because they're practical enough that they'll get plenty of use out of them, but also beautiful enough that anyone who sees them will be impressed with their style.


Speaking of amazing jewelry to add to any collection... May we introduce you to Veronica Tharmalingam’s Medha earrings. While these might not be a staple, they are a statement! And there is nothing a Cap loves more than to dress to impress. Run and add these to cart!!


As if earth signs need any help glowing… However, one can never have too much radiance. So get your Cap Sunny Skin’s Glow Filter SPF50 for that tinted bronze finish.

This product is perfect because it adds a beautiful glow to the skin without being overpowering. It also has a high SPF so your skin will be protected from harmful rays while still looking amazing!


When you're dealing with a Capricorn, you can never be sure what they're going to do next. They're always coming up with new ideas, and their creativity knows no bounds.

So if you want to give them something that'll let them record all the great things they need to remember, get them the Karst Softcover Notebook A5 to journal and draw all their ideas and thoughts.


Having an exquisite olive oil in your cabinet is not something you want you cap friend to miss out on. Give them the gift of Kosterina’s Greek Herb & Lemon Olive Oil from Southern Greece. It’s a favorite for a standalone salad dressing or a quick marinade for chicken.


Grab a gift that will help your bestie up their self care ritual. We suggest starting with East Sound Lane’s Hibiscus Beauty Body Oil, made with natural plant-based ingredients and never toxins. This will help them maintain their youthful complexion by retaining their skin’s moisture. 

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Chunky Crescent Hoops 18K Solid GoldCLEAN SHEEN CHEEK + LIP COLORDPTMNTEldora JewelryENERGIZE TEA - 25 STRIPSFig. 1Gen SeeGlowin Face & Body Cupping SetGlowinfaceHero CollectionLeopard Loungewear Set - Garden Party (Green)MayaMAYA BASE MINI 5MLOlyxirRetinol Night Cream No. 3Sani
December 07, 2022
Female Founded Brands to Add to Your Shopping List

The influence women have in mission-based, innovative brands—from discovering new and powerful ingredients to gaps in the market that take the world by storm—is major. That’s why we’re celebrating the female founders that are redefining standards of beauty, clothing, sustainability, and inclusivity by creating products we can’t live without. Shop brands from our female founded curation in Miami below! 


If you are a girl on the go you know the struggle of traveling with a full skincare routine. DPTMNT's Hero Collection is here to save you! This travel-friendly skincare line includes a toner, moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, and anti-pollution serum. All are made with fresh ingredients and vitamins so you don’t have to worry about your skin on vacation!


What’s better than a lounge set? A sustainable lounge set you can dress up or down from Sani's Leopard Loungewear Set - Garden Party. The high-quality, super-soft fabric will keep you comfortable all day or all night. Wear your Garden Party set from bed to your morning Zoom calls. Maybe even as a casual yet cool grocery run look, a matching gift for bridesmaids, or anything else. You decide!

FIG 1.

/collections/fig-1Enhance your nighttime routine with Fig.1's Retinol Night Cream! Fig. 1’s unique step-up system allows your skin to acclimate to retinol at its own pace and features several innovative safeguards against irritation and instability, such as encapsulation, airless packaging, and an ultra-nourishing base. 


Say bye to sagging skin, double chin, and wrinkles on your face. Your journey to a glowing face starts here with Glowin Face & Body Cupping Set! This set contains three cups – two for the face, neck, décolletage and one for the body. Facial Cupping will depuff your face, release tension in the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling toned, firm, and glowing. Body cupping helps relieve muscle tension, promotes cell repair, aids in the regeneration of tissues, reduces cellulite and tones + smoothes the skin. 


Looking for a new signature scent? Look no further! Maya Base Mini 5ML is an easy portable roll-on perfume oil that adapts to your body chemistry and the environmental elements to create a scent that is yours and yours alone. 


Revamp your makeup routine with a cute, fresh and sustainable cheek and lip stain! Gen See's Clean Sheen Cheek + Lip Color comes in 3 stunning colors that are perfect for winter: Apple 01, Apricot 02, and Plum 03. This buildable, blendable color will give you a natural, glowing flush to your already beautiful complexion!


There is nothing more essential to a wardrobe than a classic gold hoop! We think that Eldora Jewelry's Chunky Crescent Hoops are the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry box! Hallowed crafted in 18k solid Italian gold, these hoops create a statement look that’s both lightweight and comfortable to wear all day!


Nothing is worse than having that mid day migraine from your third cup of coffee. Try something different with Olyxir’s Energize Tea. Enjoy them in the morning or midday for an energizing boost with just enough caffeine guaranteed not to give you the jitters. 


With Revellenation you can find jeans that fit your perfectly! First you will take a quiz describing your body type. Then you can explore the many options they give you and give feedback on what you love and hate. Finally you can checkout with jeans that you adore!

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KonMari by Marie Kondo
December 06, 2022
Interview with Method Founder Marie Kondo

Interview With KonMari Method Founder:
Marie Kondo

What inspires you?

MK: Watching my children grow is a source of daily inspiration. Their excitement and appreciation about the smallest things reminds me to be grateful for the simple things life offers. I’m constantly impressed by how much my children absorb every day. Observing them learn to communicate as siblings is very special – on their own, they’re discovering how to share toys and navigating when to play together or independently. Teaching them supportiveness and compassion has reminded me how important these values are to me. 

How would others describe you?

MK: I hope that others describe me as compassionate, diligent and loyal. When I first began the development of the KonMari Method™, I was very focused on my career and passionate about sharing tidying with the world. My diligence to the organizing craft and KonMari Media, Inc. has made me realize how grateful I feel for this driven mindset. Compassion and loyalty are important to me, because I always try to show up to all scenarios in both my personal and professional life with care and support for others – two values I feel are vital for meaningful relationships and I truly hope others see these characteristics in me as well.  

What do you do in your free time?

MK:  I have a few favorite free time activities. I love spending time in my vegetable garden in my backyard. I like to go in the morning before my busy day begins, and then again in the late afternoon. It's really a moment for me to relax, connect with the earth and make sure the plants are healthy. My passion for the earth is evident in my tidying philosophy – the belief that all objects have energy and are worthy of care and respect. My bathing ritual is another leisure activity that has been important to me since growing up in Japan. Once the children have been put to bed, I draw the bath and prepare to wash off the fatigue of the day. Sometimes I light a candle or listen to music, but the water helps to restore my energy and calm my mind before bed. Practicing healing rituals during one's leisure time throughout the day or week will help you feel balanced. I dive deeper into the importance and value of daily rituals in my new book launching on November 15, "Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life."

What do you believe is your superpower?

MK: I believe my superpower is being a good listener. When raising small children, while they are just learning how to communicate, it is important to be patient with them and listen to their wants and needs. In my relationship with my husband and other family members, listening is key to maintaining functioning relationships and making sure your loved ones are understood. In the work setting, listening to my clients is necessary to understand what their ideal space looks like and help identify what they are looking to get out of the tidying process. I have found that being a good listener in life has gotten me very far and has built lasting relationships, so I am always striving to be the best I can at it. 

What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career?

MK: The toughest criticism I feel I have faced was internally. When I was little, I imagined being a good mother to my children one day, just as my own mother was to me. I also had a very strong bond with my grandmother, and feel lucky to have had many good role models for how to take care of children. The time and labor involved in raising a family is more than I ever imagined – especially in their infant years, when I had no time for myself. At times, I felt unable to forgive myself for not being able to manage my life as I had before. I often felt intense internal pressure to always be perfect, a high expectation that I had placed upon myself. But with time, especially after I gave birth to my second daughter, I let go of my need for perfection altogether. I am busier than ever after having my third child, so I have grown to accept that I cannot tidy every day and things won’t always go according to plan – and that is okay! When you grow your family, expectations of what you want your life to look like can be readjusted as circumstances change.  

Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it?

MK: There have been moments throughout my life where I have experienced burnout, but whenever I am feeling low energy or less motivated, I always turn to my daily rituals to ground me. Meditation is a lovely self-healing ritual that I rely on. It is as simple as closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and focusing on my mind and body. I use a tuning fork and crystal to purify the space, sit on a comfortable cushion, and try to have an open mind and heart. Meditation always helps me feel refreshed, focused and at ease. 

What motivated you to start your company? 

MK: I have been interested in tidying since my childhood, and I became captivated with the craft of organization at the age of 15 after reading “The Art of Discarding,” a bestselling book in Japan at the time. I began exploring tidying more seriously and read so many books on the subject. I began my tidying consultant business as a 19-year-old university student in Tokyo. It took years of experience and research working closely with different clients to fully develop the KonMari Method™, which is designed to help people keep clutter away by only keeping items that bring them joy. I love sharing the KonMari Method™ through writing and television and this really motivated me to grow and bring the KonMari Method™ into more people’s homes around the world, which is why we expanded the KonMari Method™ in a more impactful, global way by creating KonMari Media, Inc. in 2015 and introduced KonMari Consultant Certification Courses in August 2016. Today, we are proud to have more than 850 professionally trained, certified KonMari Consultants available to work in clients’ homes, offices and personal spaces across 60 countries and six continents… we’re just missing Antarctica!

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Descendant of ThievesEast Sound LaneFolioFunny You Should AskOlive & PiperPorter Cluster StudsSQUARE UP BURGUNDYSun ForceThe Harmonist
December 06, 2022
Shop DC Curation

Shop the DC Curation

House of Showfields DC is proud to present our official grand opening on Thursday, the 8th. There will be plenty of live music and some free giveaways for those who spend at least $50 in store. Check out a few of our DC brands below:


True fans have seen Folio in our Noho store! Ecstatic is the only word to use when thinking about them being in our DC location too. Folio is the internet's indie bookstore, helping you rediscover a love of reading by finding you. We suggest reading “Funny You Should Ask” about a restless young journalist with big dreams interviewing a Hollywood heartthrob--and, ten years later, it's clear that their time together meant more than meets the eye in this sexy, engrossing adult debut novel.

The book is easy to get into and hard to put down once you start reading it! We recommend this book if you like romantic comedies or books that make you feel all kinds of emotions while reading them!


If you are looking for a unique and high quality menswear fashion brand, then you are in the right place. Descendant of Thieves delivers unique, limited batch products designed for someone who wants to stand out and be different. Try out their Square Up Burgundy top with an Engineered Collar that prevents it from rolling over. This is the perfect gift for yourself or your friend!


Inside Weather was founded on the belief that furniture should be well-designed and responsibly produced — not just for today but for years to come. Their goal is simple: to create beautiful products that last a lifetime.

With The Bondi Collection, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique space. It’s a truly modular sofa collection made-to-order sustainably, quickly custom-built from scratch here in the U.S.


DockATot is a brand that was born and bred in Europe, and they bring their handcrafted, artisanal approach to everything they do. Rooted in Scandinavian design, DockATot creates modern and ultra-stylish products that are multi-functioning, easy to use, and can be enjoyed by both babies and parents alike.

One of their most popular products is the swaddle set, created to provide a calming touch and comfort for babies during rest time and beyond


Mary Louise Cosmetics is all about making your beauty rituals a lot more fun! They also believe that everyone should have easy access to wholesome, natural, and organic beauty products. For a brand newbie, be sure to dip into their Miracle Serum, perfect for erasing acne scars, dark marks and hyperpigmentation. 


Are you looking for that special jewelry brand that allows for everyday use as well as those special occasions? Olive & Piper is committed to creating these exclusive yet accessible pieces for you! Spoil yourself during the holidays with these Porter Cluster Studs, draped in uniqueness and versatility. 


The Harmonist began as an idea to bring balance through scent. They created fragrances that encouraged wearers to turn their attention inward, to trust their senses, and to become in tune with themselves and their surroundings. Combining the craft and savoir-faire of Paris with the modernism and storytelling of Los Angeles, our scents find harmony in difference. They are the product of opposing forces – spiritual and sensual, dark and light, old and new.

Made from ethically sourced ingredients, they seek to enlighten the wearer, revealing and enhancing who you truly are, rather than who you pretend to be. Shop the Sun Force scent for a fragrance that conjures the scent of citrus and exotic woods intensifying in the afternoon heat.


East Sound Lane is dedicated to providing natural handcrafted products to enhance the beauty you already possess. All ingredients are local or wild harvested from my family garden on Martha’s Vineyard or sourced with intention from around the globe.

Get familiar with this brand through their star product, Kakadu Plum Natural Glow Oil with Kangaroo Flower Extract. This contains the highest content of vitamin c out of all foods in the world, kakadu plum oil will keep your skin glowing all day long. It is also an anti inflammatory, so it’s great for sensitive acne prone skin as well. 

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Jane Win
December 06, 2022
Interview with Jane Win Jewelry

Introducing Jane Winchester Paradis, founder of Jane Win Jewelry

What excites you most about your Showfields activation?

JW: We know we have a customer in the Georgetown area and we are excited to give them a place to see and touch our pieces – and we want to show off the brand to new people in the area. Showfield’s creates such a unique experience – it’s exciting to see Jane Win in such a fun store environment.

What inspires you?

JW: Our coins all have meaning behind them, and then people take that meaning and connect with it, and start layering their pieces – it is so exciting and inspiring to us. We want to create that connection, and when we do, it inspires us to design more pieces that can mark moments with the wearer. From a design perspective we are inspired by how coins and symbolism have been used in jewelry for centuries. And we are obsessed with hearts so every time we see one in nature we find a way to turn it into a new piece! 

How would others describe your brand?

JW: Our brand is optimistic, we really believe in the positive in life. So I guess we would be described as luxury with a smile, no attitude but a lot of personality. We want to make others feel heard and special…  

What do you do in your free time?

JW:  For Jane Win I travel constantly. I was just in Italy working with a new factory in Naples to carve the most gorgeous onyx heart earrings. And I am writing the answers to this blog while in Montecito California as I visit clients. So travel is a big one.

What do you believe is Jane Win’s superpower?

JW: I think we make people smile, we can break through some of the noise and connect. Isn’t that incredible in today’s world? I see it all the time as people choose the right coin to start their collection or gift someone they adore. They read the meaning behind the piece and know instantly which piece they have to have. It’s the power of connection. And then they just adore it so much and get a million compliments! 

What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career?

JW: I used to have a sticker on my computer that said “I’m too pretty to do math” and a consultant who was very successful – worked with the biggest brands - pulled me aside and said, “you are a smart woman, no need to play dumb”. And he was right…you can do anything you put your mind to, don’t pretend you can’t. Take a seat at the table. Use your voice.  

Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it?

JW: Such a great question and I will answer it for me and the jane win team…we REALLY have moments as a start-up brand when we all go – all out. We take time to regroup, and for each member of the team that is different. For me, it is long walks. For our designer Rachel- she likes to visit the art museum or create something not related to jewelry. I believe in having TIME to do that. So as a company we handle it by trying to give people the time they need to regroup. 

What motivated you to start your company? 

JW: Starting a company at age 45 is not the path that many take. Here’s how it happened…I am an east coast girl. Born in New Hampshire, childhood in Georgia, boarding school in Massachusetts, college in Florida, many years in NYC, and am now settled outside Philadelphia. I had a robust career in design and fashion marketing, working for brands such as Barneys New York and Lilly Pulitzer. In 2017 I went to the Women’s March in Washington DC and I realized that, while I LOVED my job at Lilly Pulitzer, I had been there for 11 years and I wanted to build something. I wanted to create something from scratch, something original that connected with women…and I wanted my kids to see me do it (we have 5 kids!). Fast forward 5 years and our brand has grown – just on fast forward. We are sold all over the US, our product assortment has grown from 8 coins to over a hundred styles, and we have been featured in Vogue and seen on celebrities from the first lady to Ashley Graham. It is a lesson in having a dream, building a strategy, and then working hard to turn it into reality. We LOVE what we do so much; it’s impossible to put into words how much.

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6pk Passion Fruit Hydration MultiplierChakrubsEmerald High Impact LeggingsFox & RobinGuiding Forces Green Onyx Snake EarringsHeartbeat necklaceLiquid I.V.OGEEOMG! Pleasure BundleSatya JewelrySmell HouseSUPER NOMADSuriyaThe Amethyst - SlimTinted Sculpted Lip OilVeronica TharmalingamVIVA VIDAWisp
November 29, 2022
Sagittarius Season Gift Guide 2022

Have you ever been subject to a spontaneous, extroverted, ‘lover of freedom’ friend?? Were they a Sagittarius? If so, I’m sure you’re in for the time of your life! These fire signs will make you laugh until you cry AND remind you what a true ride or die really means. If you’re lucky enough to know these wild cards, browse through Showfields’ gift guide to pick them up something they’ll love!


Sagittarius’ are known to be the fire and the heartbeat of the divine. That's why Viva Vida Heartbeat Necklace is the perfect gift for that fun, loving Sagittarius in your life! 


Satya Jewelry Guiding Forces Green Onyx Snake Earrings are the perfect gift for your Sagittarius bestie, why? You may ask. This green-turquoise color just so happens to be their birthstone. Also, Did you know which Sagittarius is best known for being a snake? Taylor Swift! If your BFF didn't get Taylor Swift tickets, get them these fabulous earrings!


Fox and Robin is keeping up with the beautiful Sag birthstone color with their Emerald High Impact Leggings. Make your spontaneous besties' life easier by throwing on these super comfortable leggings and going out into the world!


Sagittarius is one of the most playful signs in the entire zodiac, so don't expect sex with them to be anything short of an adventure. Chakrubs The Amethyst - Slim is a great gift for that Sagittarius in your life, and not to mention Amethyst stone also happens to be their gemstone!


Sagittarius' are known to be the life of the party, so you should get them a bag to match! Veronica Tharmalingam's Suriya Handbag is the perfect fun and one-of-a-kind bag that will go with your bestie's personality! 


Super Nomad is not only the scent of this candle but could perfectly describe a Sagittarius! Smell House Super Nomad Candle is a crisp, rich musk & woods base scent that will light perfectly in your bestie's house. 


Nobody gets out more than a Sagittarius! Help your BFF with the hangover that comes the next day with Liquid I.V. 6 pk Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier. This great-tasting electrolyte drink has 5 essential vitamins that will heal that party animal's huge hangover.


Along with every new experience, Sagittarius likes to learn something new. Let them learn something new in the bedroom using Wisp OMG! Pleasure Bundle, which includes harmonizing lube, balancing wash, and cream.


These vibrant lip colors are sure to look amazing on a vibrant Sagittarius! OGEE's Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil comes in 10 beautiful colors, made with oils and butters that melt instantly onto lips to moisturize and nourish, with a conditioning layer of beauty-enhancing, buildable natural color. 

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AS OF TODAYAS OF TODAY Minimalist Skincare SetBaby Walker - OrchardBKLN GOLDBlueshiftBlueshift Wellness Bottle with Free SamplerDeep Sleep GiftEatableFlyers Cocktail Co.Frida Kahlo Long Sleeve Trailblazer TeeLUSHMatcha Latte TonerMomijiMUNICIPALPiccolinaPlanToysPoppin' Rosé All Day - Gourmet PopcornWomen's Origin Hoodie
November 02, 2022
Williamsburg: House of Showfields

Williamsburg: House of Showfields

Showfields, The World’s Most Interesting store in the world, introduces to you our latest concept store, House of Showfields, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. This new store experience is designed around the foundation from which our lives are built – the home. Upon entering House of Showfields at 187 Kent Avenue, you will find yourself greeted by a house-within-a building: the store is structured to emulate a six room home, replete with a courtyard emulating the outdoors. Other rooms (which are shoppable) include a dining room, foyer, lounge and kids’ area. We are open now!! Take a glimpse at some of our favorite products featured in Williamsburg below:


This product is the technology of the future! Blueshift Wellness Bottle is a blender on the go with no mess and no hassle. Lift-to-Blend technology with a motorized onboard blender ensures a clump-free drink that's smooth from the first sip to the last. This product also includes a FREE 8-Pod Sample Pack. So you can immediately use and fall in love with your new bottle!


Your child deserves to look the coolest this fall and winter. Take a look at this amazing long-sleeve tee by Piccolina Frida Kahlo Long Sleeve Trailblazer tee. This 100% cotton tee features a portrait of the painter and icon and is the perfect way for your Piccolina to celebrate her inner feminist artist.


Looking for the perfect hoodie this fall? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Municipal Womans Origin Hoodie is a cropped fleece hoodie that is not only super soft but stylish and fits just right! It comes in 3 stunning colors Bright Berry, Athletic Gray, and Mesa to match whatever your vibe may be!


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As the seasons change so should your skincare. As of Today Minimalist Skincare set has you covered. No need for hours of skincare and 50 different products, this set requires less hassle and better results. This set includes R-Peptide Enzyme Cleanser, R-Peptide Toner Pads, R-Peptide Ampoule, R-Peptide Day Cream, R-Peptide Night Cream, and R-Peptide Renewing Masks. See clearer skin in just 2-8 weeks!


Have you ever had a CBD Cocktail? Flyers Cocktail Co. BKLYN Gold is the perfect drink for a night in or out! BKLYN Gold blends the traditional flavors of oak barrel, spice and the silky sweetness of American cola. Now you can feel great without the hangover the next day!

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November 02, 2022
Interview with OKE Art

Interview With OKE Art Founders: Amery and Imogen

What inspires you?

A&I: We both take inspiration from our surrounding environments, a combination of built and natural. However, in terms of our creative process, it’s quite spontaneous, where we take inspiration from each other as we collaborate on each piece. Each one of us takes turns plotting out a shape, which then in turn informs what we’ll do next. The end result is always a surprise!

How would others describe you?

A&I: As a couple, we’ve been told we come across a bit aloof (haha) but really, we are just quiet and shy introverts (with avoidant attachment styles, which is pretty comical). 

What do you do in your free time?

A&I: We love getting away and going on little adventures. During our holiday breaks, we’ll often be found camping with friends, road tripping and hanging out with our dogo, Tote.

What do you believe is your superpower?

A: Following your gut. I’ve always followed my intuition, listening to my heart rather than overthinking things or getting distracted by outside noise. I have the ability to instinctively feel what’s needed; it’s led me to great opportunities, kept me out of danger and has built both resilience and confidence within myself.

I: Unnatural good luck. I am lucky to have had the good fortune of many narrow escapes, from people breaking into a hotel room I was staying in, running out of petrol on a desert highway in the Northern Territory and fleeing a truck that caught fire are a few examples. 

What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career?

A&I: For both of us, we’ve experienced criticism that has implied constraints on what we are capable of and what we are able to achieve. For Amery, they were once told they could never be a designer (or an artist) and for Imogen she’s been critiqued in ways that made her question her skills. We’re both very aligned on the idea that you should never let another person’s critique of your capabilities limit what you are capable of, and if you feel passionate enough about something, always give it a go. It is better to have tried and failed rather than not having tried at all. 

Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it?

A&I: Of course! We’re only human!

A: Indeed, indeed. I find totally detaching from concept-centric creativity can be remarkably invigorating. I love dancing, cooking and OKE has been a wonderful way to enjoy creativity without the pressure.

I: As an art and design educator, which like any occupation can result in burn out from time to time, I find the process of producing our own work can help reinvigorate my teaching and counterbalance the experiences of burnout.

What motivated you to start your company? 

A&I: It was an opportunity for us to collaborate and work on little projects together. Our background and passion in both design and interiors led us to create prints for our own home. Weaving our joint preferences and understandings of color and composition, we began proudly producing Australian-designed artworks. We believe art and design can not only bring life to the spaces we inhabit but in part, play a role in reflecting our own wonderful idiosyncrasies.

What excites you most about being in Showfields Williamsburg?

A&I: What excites us most about being a part of Showfields Williamsburg is participating in an innovative approach to retail that fosters discovery, and to also have our work sit alongside some really interesting and contemporary brands is both exciting and rewarding.

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